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Future Meeting topics listed below

If you missed the April meeting you missed Some great discussion and videos from Jeremiah Stermer, Robert Cole and Steve Fox.

Next Meeting !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meeting Topics: Tips and Techniques

Also bring a video to share.

Starting in May, 2015, the BVA is now offering a new monthly topic called "Tips and Techniques".  We would not be watching videos about cameras, lighting or audio but initiating a round robin type discussion among BVA members relating real situations they have had on the job.  Here might be some examples open to discussion:
  • What to do when something on location goes wrong.  Perhaps you for forgot to actually hit record on your camera or your camera is out of focus.  Can any of these catastrophic situations really be fixed?
  • What if your audio feed is bad and you did not know it while recording.  What do you do in post to fix it?
  • What are the best camera positions for filming your event?
  • How can I improve my lighting for interviews?
  • Can a 1 man band really operate multiple cameras on location without missing something important?
  • How well do you really know how to use your camera, your audio recorder or your editing software?
  • How can I best handle an unruly client?
  • What do I do when the client keeps calling about when they can get their video?
  • How do I price my services without being sorry later that I quoted too high or too low?
Of course, more issues can be added to the above list.  These are icebreakers to get open and honest discussion during the BVA meeting without any of us having  to divulge details about our clients or our pricing.  Everyone at the meeting would be asked to comment about one of two of these "Tips and Techniques" per month.  This is not intended to take up the whole meeting time.  It is suggested it be kept to a 15 - 20 minute time frame.  The intent here is to give all of us an opportunity to learn new ways of doing business from the best source we have, our own BVA members.  I am sure you will agree that we can all do a better job running our businesses.  Why not utilize our own resources and open up about what we all have learned on the job so we can help each other run a more efficient and more profitable business?  We hope to see all of you at our May 12 meeting.


Bring a video
We also invite everyone to bring short videos of something you are working on or something you have done that you would like to show off or share. Videos can be supplied on DVD, Blu-ray or thumb drive. Videos should be less than 5 minutes long.

If you have a topic you would like to hear about email the board your suggestion.
Contact BVA Board

Hope to see you at the April meeting!


Please   Email RSVP    So we have a good head count.


2015 Membership renewal -
Deadline to renew and stay listed was - December 31, 2014


Deadline for 2015 Renewal was December 31, 2014

Associate membership $50.00
Professional Membership $100.00
Bring your check book.

Please download the new registration form (2015 Registration Form) , complete and sign and bring to the next meeting or mail to John Ong. John's mailing address is on the form. If you do not renew by December 31, 2014 your listing on the website will be removed the first week of January. By renewing your membership you will stay listed on the website. There have been some minor changes on the Professional membership requirements, see updated registration form for 2015.

Members webpage has been updated and the request coverage has been updated to reflect current members. Please take a few minutes to check your listing for any errors.

Meeting Location

The Meeting House (Oakland Mills Interfaith Center)
5885 Robert Oliver Place
Columbia, MD 21045-3768

Future Meeting Topics

May 12, 2015 - Tip & Techniques

June 9, 2015 - To Be Announced

July 14, 2015 - No Meeting

August 11, 2015 - To Be Announced

Hope to see everyone at the future meetings!


Baltimore Videographers Association

The Baltimore Videographers Association (BVA) is a non-profit organization of video professionals in the Greater Baltimore Area.

Our members are dedicated to the improvement of our industry, and the creation of a sharing environment among its members. As a group, we pursue the betterment of our industry and of our individual knowledge.

Our customers are important, too. All members adhere to our Code of Ethics. It is our mission to promote professional standards in business practices among our members.

All of our members are professional videographers in pursuit of excellence. We strive to keep in touch with the latest technologies while maintaining the best quality and service to the customer.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to attend one of our meetings, click here for more information.

Some of our members are professional wedding and event videographers who, through personal effort and this association produce award-winning videos for generations to enjoy.

Other members pursue different video venues - documentary and commercial videos are among the hundreds of different videos that our members produce. Award winning videos can be viewed in different members website's.


Next Members' Meeting

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
7:00 - 7:30pm - Networking
7:30 - 9:30pm - Meeting

The Meeting House
(Oakland Mills Interfaith Center)
5885 Robert Oliver Place
Columbia, MD 21045-3768
(410) 730-4090

May 12, 2015  

Meeting Topics:
Discussion on Tips and Techniques

Bring a Video

Hope to see everyone at the meeting!

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month unless stated otherwise.

Guests are always welcome! Come check us out, your first meeting is FREE! If you decide you like what you see and want to join, you can fill out a registration and register. Otherwise, you are welcome to attend for a $10 guest fee per meeting.

Email RSVP

 Looking for Presenters 

If you would like to be a presenter at one of our future meetings. Please contact the BVA Board. Someone will get back to you to discuss the details.   Contact BVA Board


Email BVA Board